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How to Apply

We are looking for our next Poster Artist for the 2021 ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival. The ArtiGras will take place on February 13 & 14, 2021 in Abacoa, Jupiter, FL. The commemorative poster can be made of the following categories:  Painting, Photography, Mixed Media, Digital Art, Drawing and Printmaking. The 2021 ArtiGras will fall on valentine’s day weekend, to celebrate this, we will be centering the festival around the theme “The Love of Art”. When submitting your work for the chance to be our poster artist feel free to integrate this into your artwork. Otherwise, artwork theming around the Palm Beach North region is favored.

How to apply:

  1. Apply to the show
  2. Submit up to 5 pieces for the chance to be the 2021 ArtiGras Poster Artist  to
    Please send one email with artwork attached. 

Information about being the ArtiGras Poster Artist:
  • Publication rights for the piece commissioned as the 2021 Annual ArtiGras marketing and commemorative poster shall be granted to PBNCC before the festival. Artist shall retain publication rights as related to artist’s self-promotion. PBNCC will use the images of piece for promotion of the festival and poster. Following the festival, PBNCC will have no rights to images, other than as a matter of historical reference, except that PBNCC may continue to sell unsold ArtisGras merchandise bearing the image after the event concludes.
  • Artist shall be required to perform the following:

Create original artwork for the 2021 ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival poster. Deadline November 20, 2020. 

Work with chamber staff regarding Branding and Creative, and PBNCC to prepare artwork for printing within designated deadlines.

Appear at ArtiGras Kick-Off Party be available for poster signature sessions at the festival site and meet with media for interviews at the festival.

Give ownership of original artwork to Palm Beach North Chamber of Commerce to sell in ArtiGras Kick-Off Party live auction.

Sign and number a maximum of 150 commemorative poster prints for sale by ArtiGras. 

Artist may not sell any reproductions or various variations at ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival. Reproductions or various variations may be sold at other art festivals after February 15, 2021.

Participate as an artist throughout the 2021 Annual ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival.

  •  Compensation shall be as follows:

Central both location and/or selection of booth

Excluding corner or double booth

If artist would like corner booth, they need to pay difference. If artist would like double booth they will pay for price of single booth

100 commemorative posters will be delivered to Artist from the original run. Artist will have the right to sell these posters after the actual event dates.

Promotion and advertising of their work in PBNCC Marketing /Public Relations, and merchandise materials. Article in our Palm Beach Post Insert published prior to the festival to 100,000 homes.

Social media features

Signage at the booth indicating “Official ArtiGras Poster Artist”.

A sampling of ArtiGras merchandise which includes poster artwork.

Ticket Package to ArtiGras.

  •  The Artist guarantees that this artwork is his/her original design and that the publication rights are not in the ownership of another party.

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