Thank you for volunteering for the 2017 ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival!

We depend on your commitment to participate. Your presence and prompt arrival for your scheduled shifts are absolutely necessary. It is very important to remember that if your schedule must change, or if you have an emergency, please either cancel your shift via VolunteerLocal, or contact us immediately. If you are contacting our office prior to Thursday, February 16th, please contact (561) 748-3952 or by email at If you are contacting our office on or after Thursday, February 16th, please call the main phone line at (561) 746-7111.

While volunteering, please remember to treat everyone, visitors and other volunteers, with courtesy. If problems occur, please contact an ArtiGras Steering Committee Member. We are there to assist you and can be identified by our Committee shirts and credentials. During the Festival, Steering Committee Members will be checking volunteer locations to make sure everything is running smoothly. Please let them know of any concerns you may have. We want to make your volunteer experience fun and safe, so let us know what we can do to help.

Safety is always the first priority; this is why we ask that no alcoholic beverages be consumed while volunteering, or while wearing the volunteer t-shirt on site.

Patience is always a must; ArtiGras has 1200 devoted volunteers and 85,000 art patrons visit ArtiGras during the 3-days.


Dress comfortably for your work area and the weather. The weather is unpredictable in February, so dress accordingly. Comfortable shoes are a must and closed toed shoes are recommended for safety reasons. ArtiGras will not be cancelled because of rain and we will still need all of our volunteers. Bring rain gear to your shift if rain is predicted.

Every volunteer receives the official ArtiGras t-shirt. This t-shirt must be worn while you are working at the Festival. Please do not make any alterations to your t-shirt while you are volunteering for ArtiGras. Your volunteer t-shirt will be provided to you at check-in, and changing areas are available at volunteer headquarters. If you volunteer for more than one shift, remember to wear your volunteer t-shirt for the subsequent shifts. Only one t-shirt is provided per volunteer, and again, we ask that no alcoholic beverages be consumed while wearing the volunteer t-shirt on event site.


Volunteer Parking is available at Beacon Cove Elementary School. To get there, take I-95 to Donald Ross Road and head east to Military Trail. Go north on Military Tail, turn right heading East onto School House Road, which is just south of University Blvd. The address is 150 School House Road.

You must display your parking pass on your car dashboard to gain entry into this secured lot. Your parking pass is included BELOW – simply print it out and place on your dashboard.

Shuttle buses will arrive every 10-20 minutes and will operate from 7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. daily. These shuttle buses will take you directly to Volunteer Headquarters at the North Entrance to check-in prior to your shift. A security guard will be on duty from 7:30 a.m. – 7:00 p.m. If you do not drive, please have someone drop you off at Beacon Cove Elementary School so you can take the bus to volunteer headquarters. If you arrive at the event at any of the other gates you will be unable to enter and will be significantly far away from the Volunteer entrance, so it is important to follow these directions. Please do not attempt to be dropped off anywhere else.

Please plan to report to the volunteer check in area at least 15 minutes prior to the start of your work shift. There you will be given your volunteer t-shirt and any last minute instructions.

At the end of your shift if you have not been relieved, please tell a supervisor and stay in your work area until a replacement comes to relieve you.

After your shift, when your replacement has arrived or you have been released from your duties, you may return to Volunteer Headquarters to enjoy a complimentary Pepsi and Hot Dog. Once your shift is complete you are also welcome to enjoy the Festival free of admission. If you have a closing shift and would like to arrive early to walk around the Festival please feel free to do so. NO alcoholic beverages are to be consumed by volunteers “on-duty”.


Please do not park at Beacon Cove. You will park at Site Operations and will receive a separate parking pass valid for Friday ONLY.


Please do not park at Beacon Cove. You will park at Hospitality and will receive a separate parking pass valid only for Finance and Hospitality volunteers.


Your volunteer assignment will be reviewed with you when you arrive at the event and you will be given complete instructions once you meet your team captain at the event. The time and location where you will be working were indicated in your confirmation email.


ON-SITE FIRST AID is provided by Palm Beach County EMS located at the center of the event.

LOST AND FOUND is located at the Information Booth located in the center of the event. If a LOST CHILD is brought to you – do not take sole responsibility for the lost child. Ask the “finder” or another volunteer to stay with you and report to the Information Booth. If a parent comes looking for a lost child have them stay with you and find a Staff person, Steering Committee Member, police officer or direct them to the Information Booth.


Thank you for taking the time to review this important information for volunteers. We hope you found it useful and look forward to seeing you at ArtiGras. If you have any additional questions that were not answered, please contact us directly at (561) 746-7111.

CLICK HERE to download your volunteer parking pass.