We here at ArtiGras Fine Arts Festival have the greatest intentions to put together a safe and welcoming show. We understand things are changing daily; our plans will always follow local governmental protocols and recommendations from the CDC at the time of the event. Palm Beach County is currently opening and now in Phase 3, therefore we are planning an event within the guidelines set at the moment.  

We have many safety protocols planned, including but not limited to mask requirements, temperature checks for vendors, one-way walking for traffic, signed waivers, hand sanitizers everywhere, and social distancing. Please see the COVID-19 plans and procedures document below for more information.

We have two solid plans for the festival:

  1. Our normal festival with a foot of spacing on each side of the artist booth, like previous years.
  2. 6 foot spacing between each booth

As the event approaches, we will notify you with what the final event layout will be.

After reviewing the budget and relocating some expenses to fund the health and safety protocols for the event, we will now be awarding $15,000 in artist prize money.

What won’t change:

  • Each of the 12 mediums will still have a first-place winner receiving $1,000.
  • Best of show will still receive $3,000.

What will change:

  • Judge’s Choice and Emerging artist awards will no longer be a monetary prize. However, those artists will automatically receive an invitation to ArtiGras 2022.

This is not something that will be permanent for ArtiGras as a festival but will be implemented for the 2021 event.

We are so excited to bring art and culture back into the community. We hope you understand this decision is something we are doing to ensure the longevity of the festival. We take the safety of our artists, volunteers, and patrons very seriously. If you have further questions about our plans, please reach out to ArtiGras Director, Bianca Colon Bianca@pbnchamber.com.