Volunteer Opportunities

ArtiKids Fun Zone

Immerse young minds in a world of creativity and wonder, where art meets adventure in the ArtiKids Fun Zone!

Artist Relations

Bridge the gap between artistry and appreciation as you connect with the talented creators behind the scenes.

Info Booth

Knowledge is power, and at the Info Booth, you’re the key to unlocking the secrets of the event.


Transform the ordinary into extraordinary with festival swag and unique memorabilia at the Merchandise booth.

Site Operations

Behind the scenes, you keep the gears turning, ensuring every aspect of the event runs like clockwork.


Join the eco-warriors on a mission to make the festival a sustainable haven, where nature and music harmonize.

Volunteer Headquarters

The heartbeat of the festival’s volunteer team, where camaraderie and coordination create unforgettable memories.

Sponsorship Support

Be the driving force behind the festival’s success, forging strong partnerships with sponsors and ensuring their brand shines amidst the celebration.

Chef Showcase Area

Savor the symphony of flavors and culinary artistry in a gastronomic wonderland, where top chefs craft masterpieces for your palate’s delight.